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  • Image of St. Louis Wolves
  • Image of St. Louis Wolves

Who's on first? No one knows but at least we know he played for.

In the late 1930's and throughout the 1940's Abbott and Costello performed the hilarious and confusing skit "Who's on First?". A brilliant play on words that makes people laugh to this day. The skit itself has become a part of baseball history with people immortalizing Abbott and Costello themselves with pictures or having the entire skit printed and displayed on walls in houses across America. If you've never heard it, take couple minutes and enjoy by clicking this link. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZksQd2fC6Y

This shirt is made of an ultra-soft blended material.

Color - heather grey

Unisex/Athletic cut

50% Polyester
25% Rayon
25% Cotton